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Excavation Services You Might Need For A Play Area Base In Your Backyard

If you have young children and want to provide a play area with swings, slides, and a sandbox, you may need an excavation contractor to prepare the ground for you. A play area needs to drain well and have padding for impacts. The excavation service can build up the base for you so all you'll have to do is prepare the surface the way you want it. Here are some excavation services you might need to build a play area in your backyard.

Remove Soil For The Base Of The Play Area

You can choose the exact spot you want the play area so you can view it from inside your house or if you need it in a specific location for other reasons. The excavation contractor can move the soil around however it's needed, even if the spot you choose is in a hilly area. When the dimensions are marked, the contractor can get to work scooping up the soil and moving it around.

They may use a skid steer and load the soil on a truck to be hauled off. They'll probably remove a few inches of soil so the base can be built back up with the materials you choose. The base for a play area is similar to preparing for a concrete slab. The area is as level as possible while still providing enough slope for drainage.

Build Up The Base

Talk to your excavation contractor about how to build the base up for the play area. They may offer services that include putting the lumber around the perimeter and adding gravel, landscaping fabric, and mulch to create the playground bed. They may also deliver and spread the sand for a sandbox.

You can choose the materials you want for the surface of the play area. You might want shredded wood chips or artificial turf depending on the look you want. The contractor may start by adding gravel to the base for drainage. They may top that with fabric and mulch. They may also use some of the soil they removed earlier if you prefer. When finished, the play area will have an attractive look, be impact safe, and drain water quickly.

Add A Yard Drainage System

Ask the contractor about drainage away from the play area. It's easy to create drainage problems when moving soil around, especially in a hilly area. If your excavation contractor thinks you need it, they could dig a drainage ditch or dry well.

However, if you have young kids, you may not want a swale or ditch where water would attract your kids. A French drain to a dry well that's hidden might be a better choice for safety and to ensure there won't be standing water in your yard once the play area is built.