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Warning Signs Of A Failing Boiler Pump

If you use one or more boilers to get the job done, you know that regular maintenance is key for all of your boiler's working parts. One area you especially don't want to overlook would be your boiler pumps. If the boiler pumps are not working correctly, the hot water isn't going to get to where it needs to go. A properly working boiler pump helps circulate that water through the system without issue. Here are some potential warnings signs that it might be time to start thinking about assistance with boiler pump replacement with a local service.

Clanging or Banging 

A strange noise coming from your boiler could be any number of things but one of the most common is a boiler pump that is not behaving as it should be. If the pump is damaged in some way or no longer fully secure within its bearings, the entire pump could be vibrating and cause loud noises every time it tries to do its job. Try and get the bearings secure to stop the vibrations while you source a possible replacement.

Not Enough Heat

If your boiler is no longer generating the level of heat you expect or require, you'll have a long checklist of things to go over but a failing boiler pump is absolutely a possibility. If the hot water isn't circulating fast enough or isn't getting to where it needs to go, you aren't going to have enough heat. A full inspection of the entire boiler might be a good idea in a scenario like this just to be sure but you can start with a boiler pump replacement and then do additional troubleshooting if necessary.

Water Near the Pump

One of the easiest ways to lay your problems upon the boiler pump is if you see water pooling on the ground underneath the pump. This likely means that the pump has sprung a leak somewhere. The pump is likely still operational but that leak means it's not running very efficiently. A leak could also cause property damage throughout your basement or warehouse or to the boiler itself. Keep the boiler turned off while you see if the leak can be patched or if a pump replacement is in your future.

Your Energy Bills Are High

If your pump is no longer getting water to where it needs to go in an efficient manner, it's likely the pump will have to stay on for longer each cycle just to get the job done. One way to tell that the boiler pump is not switching off without actually monitoring it is to keep an eye on your energy costs instead. If your bill goes up and you don't know why, pay attention to how efficient (or not) the pump and other boiler parts seem to be.