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Tips For Parking Lot Restriping

Your parking lot's stripes are important because they provide a clear sense of directional movement in the parking lot, defined spaces to park, and some organization to keep guests safe. One thing that many property owners don't realize is that your parking lot striping needs attention periodically. Here are some of the things that you need to know about your parking lot striping needs.

When Do Parking Lots Need Restriping?

Most asphalt contractors will tell you that you should have your parking lot restriped every couple of years to keep the markings visible and defined. However, it is important to understand that there are specific times when you should consider restriping as well.

Any time you have your parking lot repaved, sealed, or resurfaced, you need to have the stripes repainted. This is essential because having the asphalt resurfaced covers over the existing lines so you'll need them restriped. If you make any changes to your parking area, you should have it restriped so that it clearly illustrates the current path and the parking spaces. Customers that are used to the old structure will need those fresh, new lines to follow.

When you've had an accident happen in your parking area, you need to consider the benefits of restriping. Sometimes, accidents occur because parking areas or directional information isn't clear enough. In those cases, restriping can prevent further incidents.

Before you sell your property, you should consider restriping. If you have the parking lot restriped before you list it, you are more likely to get a better offer because prospective buyers don't have to have it done.

What Are Some Signs That You Need Parking Lot Restriping?

There are a few key indications that you might need to invest in parking lot restriping beyond the situations listed here.

If you notice that customers are having a hard time parking within defined spaces because they can't effectively see those spaces, you might want to consider having the lot restriped so that you can improve visibility. The same applies if you notice that your handicapped spaces are not being honored as they should be. When the paint striping and decals are faded and worn, that's a sign that it's time for restriping and clearer identification.

These are some of the most important things to consider when it comes to parking lot striping. Talk with a local parking lot striping service today for more help.