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3 Ways To Reduce Window Installation Or Window Replacement Costs

Installing or replacing a single window is quite affordable for most people. But, the cost of installing or replacing several windows can leave a dent in your bank account.

However, you can mitigate the cost of installing or replacing several windows. Thus, if you are wondering how to save money on window installation or replacement costs, here are three ideas to consider.

1. Opt for Simple Window Designs

Intricate window designs are one of the main factors that lead to high window installation and replacement costs. Intricate window designs do add a unique sense of character to a property. But they also lead to high material and labor costs.

For instance, if you want to install complex window designs such as hexagonal, curved, or bay windows, they will consume a lot of materials. Furthermore, the more complex a window design is, the longer it will take a window installation contractor to build and erect them. As a result, you will get many billable hours that will account for high labor costs.

But if you use simpler window designs, you can cut costs on your window installation or replacement project. For instance, you can spend less on materials and labor by opting for simpler window designs such as casement, hung, or slider windows.

2. Opt for Cheaper Frame Materials

You may not realize it, but window frames account for a large part of window installation and replacement costs. However, several types of window frame materials exist, ranging from cheap to expensive.

The most common window frame materials include fiberglass, aluminum, wood, and vinyl. However, wood and aluminum window frames are expensive compared to vinyl and fiberglass frames.

Thus, you can save money on window installation by opting for the more affordable fiberglass or vinyl window frames.

3. Consider Using Builder Grade Windows

There are two types of window grades used in construction. The two window grades are architectural-grade windows and contractor/builder-grade windows.

Architectural-grade windows comprise high-end materials and premium finishes. Thus, architectural-grade windows are usually found in expensive luxury properties to portray elegance.

Builder-grade windows derive their name from the fact that they are a go-to option for builders who want to save money. Builder-grade windows comprise simple but durable materials with decent finishes but nothing that spells out luxury or elegance. As a result, builder-grade windows are more affordable than architectural-grade windows.

So, consider using builder-grade windows to save money on window installation and replacement costs.