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Signs You Need A New Roof Shingling

Shingle roofs are pretty popular across America. People love them for their beauty and durability. However, you'll need to change your roof shingles after a few decades. Most shingles lose their beauty and structural integrity after being exposed to harsh weather conditions for years. You might also want a new roof shingling if you spot these signs.

Missing Shingles

It isn't unheard of for roof shingles to come off during rough weather. Intense high winds are capable of blowing off multiple shingles from your roof. Shingles that haven't been nailed down properly are vulnerable to fierce windstorms. Luckily, you can't miss these problems because you'll find the missing shingles lying in your yard. Also, you can spot the gaps once you inspect your roof after a rough windstorm. 

Widespread Leaks

Leaks are also an indicator that your roof shingles are past it. Your roof shouldn't leak unless the shingles are worn out, damaged, or old. While you can invite a roofer to repair the shingles if the leaks are few, it would be impossible to repair a roof with widespread leaks. That said, you must replace the shingles to curb the leaks.

Curled Shingles 

Curled shingles will make your roof look ugly. As such, you must have a roofer repair the shingles to restore their normal shape. However, roofers might encounter difficulties repairing curled shingles, especially cracked ones. In that case, you might have to re-shingle the affected section. 

Old Age

As mentioned earlier, roof shingles cannot last for a lifetime, especially when constantly exposed to harsh weather elements. So, if your shingles have been on your roof for a few decades, it's time to replace them. Old roof shingles are unreliable and might lead to many roofing problems. Therefore, don't hesitate to replace them once they show signs of old age.

Constant Repairs

If your roof is always in need of repairs, you should consider getting a new roof shingling. You don't have to concern yourself with frequent repairs when you can solve the problem by replacing the problematic roof shingles. The frequent repairs will obviously dent your pocket as they never end. So, don't spend more money on frequent repairs when you can have the entire roof re-shingled.

Broken or Cracked Shingles

You must also watch out for cracked or broken shingles because they can make your roof ugly. Besides, they expose your roof to frequent leaks and many problems. If the problematic shingles are few, you should have them replaced. Unfortunately, multiple cracked or broken shingles indicate that your roof is past it. As such, you should get it re-shingled.

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