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Signs Your Home Needs Window Replacement

One of the most impactful changes you can make during a home remodel is replacing windows. New windows update the look of any house and can greatly increase energy efficiency.

If you are remodeling and can't decide if you need to replace your home's existing windows, then here are the most common signs that windows require replacement:

Sign: The Window Panes Are Cloudy 

Double-pane windows are made with two sheets of glass with insulating gas sealed between them.

When a seal fails, the gas leaks out and moisture builds up between the two sheets of glass. As the water vapor condenses and drips, it leaves behind minerals such as calcium.

Not only are cloudy windows impossible to clean, but they also leak air. Air leaks are a leading cause of increased heating and cooling bills.

Once window pane seals fail, the glass must be replaced. You either need to have new glass inserts installed or have the entire windows replaced.

If your home has older windows, then for the price, window replacement often makes the most sense over just replacing the glass.

Newer windows are a lot more energy efficient, and if you just replace the glass, you may find the new seals will fail in time as well if the frames are damaged. 

Sign: Damaged or Malfunctioning Window Frames

When their frames are damaged or not working properly, windows become drafty, make noise when opening, and stick closed.

Drafty windows are uncomfortable for a home's inhabitants and are also energy wasters. Windows that make noises or stick are frustrating for everyone.

Whether your home has wooden frames that have some wood rot or aluminum frames that warped and squeak every time you open them, window replacement is warranted.

However, if the window frames are otherwise in good condition, then you may not need to replace them and can just replace any damaged or missing window glass panes.

Sign: You Hear Outside Noises Indoors When the Windows Are Closed

Lastly, if you have never lived in a home with high-quality windows, then you may not realize you shouldn't be able to hear cars, lawnmowers, and other neighborhood noises indoors when your home's windows are closed.

If you hear the outdoors through your closed windows, then this is a key sign they should be replaced.

After the window replacement has been completed, you will be shocked by how much quieter your home becomes.

Contact a professional for more information about window replacement