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Installing Engineered Shingles: Why They're An Excellent Choice For Your Home

The architectural shingle is a great roofing material any homeowner can consider. A unique aspect of it is that it's thicker than other roof shingle options. This construction makes it better at protecting your home from bad weather. Besides its durable construction, it comes in many colors and allows for customization. This is crucial in ensuring your home stands out from your neighbors.

Here is why you consider architectural shingles installed professionally in your home. 

You Will Lower Your Energy Use

Once an expert installs these shingles, your energy use will be minimized. The thick shingle construction doesn't allow cold air to enter your home, especially in winter. This means your heater will not overwork to keep your indoors comfortable. Additionally, in the hot season, the shingle reflects light reducing your AC usage. Minimal heating and cooling system use translates to a reduced electricity bill.

The Roof Is Visually Appealing

The overall look of a home is important for many homeowners. For that reason, choosing architectural shingles will make a huge difference. This roof stands and allows for customization, unlike other options. For example, architectural shingles can be designed to appear like slate or wood shingles. This means you'll have a durable roof material and still improve the appearance of your home. A quality and aesthetically appealing roof can also increase the value of your home if you plan to sell it.

You'll Cut On Your Maintenance Costs

You'll pay more to install architectural shingles in your home than standard shingles. However, you will make huge savings in the long run. These shingles are durable, requiring few repairs and maintenance throughout their lifespan. This is due to their thick construction that provides better protection against severe storms that cause roof damage.

The Roof Can Be Installed Easily

Some homeowners choose not to install architectural shingles because they're thick and difficult to cut. However, with proper techniques, roof installation experts can easily cut them and don't need to place extra support under them during installation. All a roofer has to do is fit them correctly and nail them to the roof. This makes the installation process quicker, which translates to lower costs. 

There are many roofing shingles options to consider when installing your roof. However, you should consider architectural shingles as they offer the above-mentioned benefits. Proper installation will ensure you don't repair your roof frequently.

Reach out to a roofing company to learn more about residential shingle roof installation.