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How Tower Painting Services Can Help Tower Owners Avoid Legal Troubles

Tower owners have to consider many things to ensure that their tower can operate safely and effectively. Failure to do so subjects the owners of such towers to costly legal risks. Unfortunately, many hazards such as rain, snow, wind, UV rays, and more threaten to compromise the safe operation of towers, putting lives at risk and subjecting tower owners to significant risks.

Fortunately, tower painting services have emerged as one of many steps that tower owners can take to minimize such risks and ensure safe tower operation. If you're interested in taking advantage of tower painting services for your tower, read on below to learn more about how tower painting services can help tower owners avoid legal troubles.

Tower Painting Services Help Ensure Aircraft Safety

Neglected towers can suffer from worn and washed paint. This issue can be incredibly problematic if your tower is tall enough to reach heights that are considered part of commercial air space. Pale and worn paint can cause a tower to blend into its background, making it difficult for aircraft to see the tower clearly, especially at night. Such an issue could result in a devastating crash for which the owner could be responsible. Not only that, but FCC guidelines require that such tall towers adhere to strict painting standards to ensure visibility. Tower paint should not be faded, chipped, or flaking. Failure to adhere to these standards can cause a tower owner to face exorbitant forfeitures of $10,000 or more.

Fortunately, tower painting services adhere to FCC guidelines to ensure maximum tower visibility by using bright paint colors such as aviation orange and reflective paint. Adhering to these requirements not only eliminates the risk of costly forfeitures but also prevents the devastating consequences associated with an aircraft crash.

Tower Painting Services Help Ensure Pedestrian Safety

As hazards such as rain and snow wear away at a tower's paint, the tower's metal surface can become exposed. If neglected, the tower's surface can begin to rust, compromising the tower's structural integrity. Exposure to the sun's heat can accelerate the rusting process, further weakening the tower. A weakened tower poses a significant threat to anyone who may be passing by below. If a portion of the tower is allowed to collapse due to excessive neglect, it can have devastating consequences and lead to costly lawsuits.

Fortunately, tower painting services ensure that a tower's protective paint remains intact, preventing the tower's metal components from rusting and reducing the risk of a tower collapse as well as the associated lawsuits. This advantage ensures the safety of nearby pedestrians.


Neglecting a tower's paint maintenance requirements can have devastating consequences. Fortunately, tower painting specialists are standing by to ensure that doesn't happen!