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Solar Panel Installation To Make Your Home Completely Energy Independent

If you are looking for renewable energy solutions for your home, not all the options can give you the independence you are looking for. Solar panels are still one of the best options, but you want to make the right decisions for the solar panel installation. The following information will help you choose some of the best options for your home's new energy system:

Choosing the Right Panels and Other Energy Technology

The first thing you want to consider when installing solar energy on your home is the type of panels you plan to invest in. Today, many different types of panels can be installed on your home. The most common types of panels are monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels. You will need to consider trade-offs for these different types of panels. One will be more efficient, while the other will be a more cost-effective solution. If you want to have a more efficient solar energy system for your home, monocrystalline panels can be a better option, but they will be more costly. Monocrystalline panels are a more aesthetically pleasing look. Polycrystalline panels are a better option if you are looking for affordability, but they are less efficient. 

Investing in the Right Controllers and Inverters for Your System

The types of controllers and inverters that you have installed with your system are also important. Just like the type of panels you choose to have installed, there are some trade-offs to think about when choosing between the different types of converters, inverters, and charge controllers that you will have installed with your system. 

First, think about the type of inverters or converters that you have installed on your home. These electrical components will convert the DC electricity to the AC electricity that you need to power your home. These can be central converters that are connected to the charge controller for your battery bank and are a single piece of equipment. Inverters work a little differently and are connected to the panels, and they can improve the reliability of your solar panel system. If you want to have a more reliable system that you can depend on to produce the energy that is needed to power your house, you might want to invest in inverters. 

Choosing the Right Type of Batteries for Your Solar Panel Installation

In addition to the panels and the controllers installed with the new energy stem, you also need to think about the type of batteries you use for energy storage. There are a few different options for the type of batteries that you can install with your solar energy system. The first option is lead-acid batteries like the ones that have been used in cars for decades. These are the least efficient and most affordable. Next, AMG gel batteries are similar to lead-acid batteries but require less maintenance, can be cycled (charged and discharged) more, and are more reliable. Finally, several lithium battery options will be the costliest option but the most efficient solution for your new solar energy system. 

If you are ready to be more energy independent, contact a solar panel installation service to discuss some of the best options for your home.