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Everything You Need To Know About Utilizing Commercial Rockfall Protection On A Construction Site

Every commercial construction project needs to have precautions in place to eliminate safety hazards for everyone involved. This is even more crucial when the building site is planned for a location that is vulnerable to falling rocks. To solve this problem, commercial rockfall control services use a variety of techniques to stabilize loose soil and protect structures that are near steep slopes or rough terrain. Here are some essential things to know about how commercial rockfall protection methods can be utilized to prevent damage or injury in the event of landslides.

1) There are numerous commercial rockfall control systems available. 

Once the site of a construction project has been determined, the next step is to look at the many different types of commercial rockfall control methods. Many locations anchor an extremely strong mesh net over cliff sides and mountain walls. The net is designed to capture any falling rocks before they can reach the ground below. Another popular option is the installation of barrier walls. These walls can be either flexible or rigid and made of natural materials (stabilized soil embankments) or durable steel catchment fences. A commercial rockfall control service can offer a complete list of protective measures that are available and give comprehensive details about each choice.

2) Commercial rockfall control services will analyze the construction site to determine the best course of action for protection in that particular area.

Although there are several possible ways to avoid serious issues from falling rocks, not every option is right in any given situation. For example, a mesh net will provide sufficient protection in areas that experience minor rockfall events, but a physical concrete barrier would be much better in locations where higher impacts are common. A professional commercial rockfall protection company will evaluate the entire worksite by examining important features such as the topographic landscape, soil quality, slope angles, and rock types. With this data, the proper rockfall control system can be designed and put into place before the construction process begins. 

3) Commercial rockfall protection systems also require different levels of maintenance and installation costs.

Contractors should keep in mind that every commercial rockfall control solution carries varying requirements for maintenance. In some cases, a rockfall prevention system will need to be checked over periodically for cracks, dirt buildup, and tears in the mesh netting. It's critical to be aware of the minimal maintenance needed so that the control system is intact and effective at all times. Additionally, the overall costs of protective measures should be considered as well. Catchment ditches are less expensive and easier to install than concrete barriers and fences. A commercial rockfall control company will know which system fits best into a construction project's budget.

Making sure that your construction site is safe from falling rocks and landslides is of the utmost importance, especially if you are building in an area that is susceptible to that problem. Call a commercial rockfall service to guarantee that your construction project is fully protected from danger.