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Diagnosing Problems With The Water Well Pump In Your Residential Well

Water well pump repair might be necessary if you are not getting water from your well. There are some common things that can go wrong to cause this condition, but before the well pump repair service can determine what needs doing to resolve it, diagnostic testing is a good starting point.

Electrical Power

Before any work on the pump or the well begins, the water well pump repair service will check the electrical system and controllers in the system to ensure there is electricity going to the pump. The main controller in the system works by detecting the water pressure in the pressure tank where water is stored and turning the pump on and off to keep that tank full.

If the pressure falls as you use water and the controller does not turn the pump on, you will eventually run out of water. The repair service will check the power going to the controller and the output power when the switch or controller is cycled. If there is no power coming out of the controller, it needs to be replaced to allow the pump to come on when necessary.

If the controller is working correctly, the problem could be with the pump in the well. The next step is to look at the pump and other equipment in the well to determine if there is a problem between the surface and the well below. 

Pump And Well Inspection

In the past, if you suspected a water well pump of malfunctioning, the water well pump repair service would pull the pump out of the well to inspect the parts for damage. The process took some time and special equipment, especially if the water well was deep. 

Inspecting the system is easier with the addition of fiber-optic cameras. The water well pump repair service can often use these cameras to check the well pump, wiring, water line, and other parts starting at the top and slowly working down. A camera inspection can help determine where the problem is and if the well is still viable or running out of water. 

If the camera inspection turns up some damage or shows a problem with the well, the repair service can work with you to decide the best course of action for repairs. In most cases, if the well looks to be in good shape, the pump will need to come out of the well for replacement. However, if the inspection turns up a problem like a dry well or one filling in with sand or silt, you may need to have a conversation with a water well drilling company to determine the best course of action to repair or replace the water well.

Contact a local well pump repair technician to learn more.