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3 Reasons To Construct A Bridge From Timber On Your Private Property

If you have a waterway on your property that you need to get over, you will need to hire a construction firm to create a bridge to go over the waterway for you. When it comes to constructing a bridge on private property, you have control over what material is used.  

Many people associate bridge construction with steel and concrete; however, many bridges are actually built using wood. Wood is one of the most classic and oldest bridge-making materials. Using timber to construct a bridge on your private property to get over a waterway offers many advantages. 


When building a bridge on private property, you will have to finance the project yourself, which means that you are going to have to stick within a budget. When it comes to sticking to a budget, the materials that you choose to build the bridge with are going to have a significant impact on your overall budget. 

Timber is often more affordable to purchase than either concrete or steel. It is also easier for the construction workers to handle, and the installation process is faster. Timber can save you money on your project on all cost angles – material and labor. If you are trying to keep your bridge project affordable, you need to consider how the material you choose will impact the overall affordability of the project.  

Easy To Build 

Working with timber is easier than working with concrete and steel. The density of the material is much lighter, which makes handling the material easier for workers, and requires equipment that can handle smaller loads. It is easier to make, transport, and then build with timber over steel and concrete. 

Additionally, timber is easy to customize, allowing for a wide range of different design possibilities for your private bridge. Timber can allow you the flexibility to build a bridge that is both functional and beautiful at the same time.  

Affordable To Maintain 

When building a bridge on private property, you need to consider how much it will cost you to keep the bridge in good working condition. Once the bridge is built, it is your responsibility to ensure that everyone who uses the bridge is able to do so safely. 

Bridges made of timber are easy and affordable to maintain. They don't require more work than a steel or concrete bridge. As timber is a material more people have worked with, you may also find it easier to find contractors who can repair and maintain your bridge if necessary.  

When constructing a bridge over a waterway on private property, you want to use a building material that is affordable, easy to work with and maintain, and will look nice. A timber bridge might be exactly what you need to fulfill all of these requirements.