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How Camera Sewer Line Inspection Works: Getting Down To The Dirty Issues With Sewer Lines

When something needs to be readied for maintenance or repaired, it has to be inspected. As a need comes up, utility or sewer lines need to be checked and maintained. The process of the inspection involves the use of a camera for the sites which cannot be reached with a person. The methods of this inspection are termed sewer line inspection. This article will attempt to explain the methods and uses of camera sewer line inspection.

What Is A Sewer Camera?

First, you might want to know exactly what a sewer line inspection camera is. This is a special type of boroscope that is used in the plumbing industry to find problems with sewer lines and other types of pipes. These cameras are attached to a long cable and inserted into your plumbing through a drain in your home or from a manhole cover at the street. They allow a technician to identify problems with the sewer line and other areas of your plumbing wastewater system that might need to be repaired. 

The Purpose Of Sewer Line Camera Inspections

Cameras are now being used to inspect sewer lines and provide a much clearer picture of what is happening inside the pipes. It works as a non-invasive way to discover if there are any leaks, blockages, or potential problems with the sewer line inside. The camera takes pictures so you can see everything that is in there.

Trenchless sewer line camera inspection is one of the best ways to spot and repair problems before they become a major issue. The camera will take pictures at different points along the line, and this gives you a good idea of where issues may be developing and also helps you spot problems like roots growing into the lines.

The images are sent back to a computer for review, so you can see exactly what is going on inside your sewer line. Any issues that are found can be quickly resolved before they cause a problem with your entire system. This eliminates the need for an expensive repair job down the road.

Preparing For A Sewer Line Inspection

You are going to need to prepare for sewer line inspections to ensure you get to the bottom of any problems. For this reason, inspection services usually clean the line that is being inspected before using the camera equipment. This helps locate the issues with the pipes that need to be repaired, such as damaged joints or decaying lines that need to be replaced. 

Sewer Line Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

If there have been problems with your sewer lines that need to be repaired, you want to know how to prevent them. Keeping the pipes clean and maintaining the sewer lines is the best way to prevent issues. 

If you believe your sewer lines are causing issues with your plumbing, contact a sewer line camera inspection service to get the help you need getting to the bottom of the problem.