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Benefits Of Incorporating Hardscape Design In Your Backyard Over Softscaping

When gearing up to improve the visual appeal of your backyard, you could be focussing your attention on planting trees, flower beds, and perhaps even an herb garden under the impression that the more greenery you have, the more attractive this area will be. But while there is nothing wrong with softscaping, it is worth noting that it is not nearly as visually interesting as hardscaping.

As suggested by the name, hardscape design refers to the integration of non-living elements into your property's landscape, for example, pathways, outdoor living areas, barrier walls, and so on, to improve the overall allure of your residence. If you are skeptical about this approach because you assume that it will convert your residence into a concrete jungle, consider the following benefits of incorporating hardscape design in your backyard over softscaping.

Hardscaping will elevate the functionality of the exterior of your home

Before you embark on hardscaping, it is advisable to consult with a landscape designer so that you can explain what your expectations are. For example, if you have a small backyard and find pesky neighbors keeping peering over onto your property, you could be looking to reinforce the privacy of your property.

Alternatively, if you never spend time outdoors because there is no dedicated relaxation area, you could engage in hardscaping to create an outdoor living area. Once you have enumerated your goals, the landscape designer will determine how best to achieve them. The installation of a small-scale pergola with a lattice enclosure can provide you with an exterior living space while simultaneously elevating the privacy of your backyard.

Hardscaping will decrease your exterior maintenance obligations

Although a yard filled with trees, flowers, and shrubbery may seem like a haven for serenity, maintaining this foliage can become a nightmare. Not only are you required to water all your plants as needed, but you also have to mow the grass, rake fallen leaves, fertilize the soil, and so much more. Certainly, you can pay a landscaper to carry out all these tasks on your behalf, but this will inevitably increase your household's expenditure.

If you have a demanding career or simply do not want to spend hours on end in the hot sun tending to your landscape, hardscape design would be a perfect way to landscape your property. The main forms of upkeep you would have to provide the hardscaping features are routine cleaning and occasional repairs to keep the walkways, privacy walls, fire pits, and outdoor flooring in great condition. Reach out to a hardscape design professional to get started.