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Want to Build Your Dream Home? Three Top Inquiries Necessary to Avoid Major Complications

Building a home is one the best ways to get exactly what you are looking for, and if you are ready to find a new construction builder you to be choosy. Not all builders will deliver the same quality of home, and you want to be sure that you can afford to build what you want. 

When you start to look at homes online and you are ready to decide on a builder, set a realistic budget and get approved from your mortgage lender. From there you can realistically start shopping.

Don't just choose a builder because you like their pictures and the hardware or aesthetic materials they use in the homes. Instead, you need to find a builder that is building high-quality homes with the best structural materials and high-end quality products. Also, ask the builder about these things.

Ask if You Can Bring in Your Own Inspector

Most building companies will offer a final walk-through before you close on the property, and you will go through with one of their contractors or real estate professionals. Since you are paying for this brand-new house and you want it to be everything that you hope for, ask if you can have an outside inspection company do an inspection before you close on the property.

This prevents you from having any concerns that things were unfinished or missed. Some items may be on delay or backorder or must be finished later, but these will be agreed upon prior to closing. Add this to the purchase agreement before committing to the build.

Inquire About Any Pending Lawsuits

Ask the builder or management staff if they have any pending legal issues that you should be aware of. You don't want to purchase a home from a builder that may have to halt building because of legal issues from previous builds, or that has built poor quality houses and is getting sued by current homeowners.

Have a Lawyer Look at the Home Warranty

You will get a warranty with the home after you purchase it and there will be manufacturer warranties on a lot of the items inside the home. Have a lawyer go over the warranty to see if there are any concerns or alarming details. When you close on your new property you want to feel confident about the warranty the builder provided.

You don't want to be disappointed with new home construction, especially if you built it and picked out everything that you wanted. Be sure to go over these things in great detail with the builder so you can rest easy and feel assured the house was built right.