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2 Potential Problems With Installing Your Own Glass Shower Door Instead Of Having A Contractor Do It For You

Whether you are putting a new shower stall in your home or remodeling and making repairs on the existing one, you may have decided that it is time to replace the old glass door. Because it looks like an easy job that you can do yourself, you may have decided to try installing the door yourself in an attempt to save money. 

However, there is more to installing a glass shower door than simply lining it up and tightening a couple of screws. If you do try to do the job yourself instead of having a contractor do it for you, you may run into a couple of potential problems.

1.  Decreased Chance That the Door Will Have a Tight, Square Fit

One potential problem that you may have when you try to install your own shower door is that it may not have a proper fit. Especially with a glass door, it must be tight enough that it does not shake or wobble when you are opening and closing it. It must also glide or open easily without meeting any resistance.

If you do not have the proper tools or experience to ensure that the door has a tight, square fit, you may find that you have to fight the door every time you use it. A contractor who has experience installing these doors can ensure that it fits properly.

2.  Increased Chance the Door Will Become Loose and Shatter During Use

When you try to hang your own shower door and do not fit it correctly, another problem that you may run into is that it will become loose rather quickly. Because of the stress caused on the frame and glass from having to force the door to move, it could fall out or the glass could shatter.

In either case, not only will there be an increased risk of damaging the door and having to replace it, but there is also a chance that someone could be hurt if they are using the shower when it breaks. Having a contractor install your door properly can help you prevent this scenario.

Although it may appear to be a quick and simple job, installing a glass door for your shower yourself can cause potential problems. An improper fit makes it difficult to operate and puts stress on the door, which increases the chance that it could become loose and shatter. Instead of risking possible injury and damage to the door, contact a contractor in your area that installs glass shower doors to discuss your options for having them do the job for you.