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Five Issues That Necessitate Septic Tank System Repairs

A septic tank system is an underground wastewater treatment facility used when there is no access to or desire for a public sewer line. The septic tanks collect all organic wastes from the house and take them to the drain field where they are broken down under anaerobic (oxygen-deprived) conditions. There are some issues that may develop over time that call for repairs.

P-Trap Failure

A p-trap is a section of pipe that prevents sewer gasses from entering the home through drains and sinkholes by creating a water seal when not in use. If you notice any foul smells around your home or notice sewage backflows into sinks and bathtubs, you probably have a failed p-trap. You need to call a plumber who will fix the issue and restore the system.

 Broken Pipes

The most common cause for septic system failures is broken pipes. These go largely unnoticed until you have a sewage backup or notice there are no toilets flushing the way they normally do. The solution for this issue involves excavating the affected areas and repairing or replacing the broken sections of pipe with new ones.

 Drain field Failure

The drain field is an area where water percolates through the soil to remove contaminants from the septic system. It is a necessary part of the septic tank's functioning. If your drain field fails, it will need to be replaced by a professional who will test the soil and design an appropriate solution for replacement.

Root Penetration

If you have a sewer backed up or overflowing onto your property, then your septic tank likely has a root problem. In most cases, the only way to fix this is by having a plumber use their high-powered drain snaking machine to clear out the roots from the line going into the tank. Also be aware that if you have a leach field in your yard, these roots can penetrate down there too creating more issues for you down the road so pay attention to root problems when looking at houses.

 Clogs from Household Items

Although it is not common, household items can cause clogs in the system. Tampons are particularly dangerous for this since they do not break down like toilet paper and thus will create a blockage. Make sure you dispose of all hazardous materials properly to avoid issues with your septic system later on.

In conclusion, there are a few major septic tank system problems that can appear and cause you grief. Luckily for you, residential professional plumbing companies like Stevee Excavation Inc. exist to fix these issues and ensure your system continues functioning well into the future.